About Us

About ClearWater Pressure Cleaning

ClearWater Pressure Cleaning Pty Ltd is a family owned business which is owned and operated by Daren Matthews and has been operating on the south side of Brisbane for the past 12 years.

Brisbane high pressure cleaning is a part of clear water pressure cleaning that serves Brisbane and surrounding areas for high pressure cleaning of commercial and residential facilities, specialising in house washing, external and internal, walls cleaning, cleaning of eaves, roof wash, residential pressure washing, and also commercial pressure cleaning including high pressure cleaning.

Our Values

  • Inspire to do top quality work with a genuine desire to offer the best service possible to our customers and we have a long list of 100% satisfied clients.
  • Pride ourselves in the knowledge that we offer competitive rates for all jobs quoted big or small.
  • Guarantee to turn up on time and if held up will always follow up with a courteous call to advise we are not too far away.
  • We believe in focusing our attention on customer satisfaction as we know the success of our business is the reward for creating a satisfied customer base.

Our Licenses

Australian Business Number (ABN): 78 139 674 615
Elevating Work Platform Number: 324197
Registered Water Efficient Operator: WEO 23136
Construction Industry Blue Card Holder Number: 1012565
Q Rail Pink Card Holder Number: Q048728